Message from the EPSA President

On behalf of the Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Association (EPSA) I am honored to welcome you to our website.

EPSA is the oldest and most active Pediatric Surgery association in the middle east, with a yearly increase in the number of members from Egyptian and non-Egyptian pediatric surgeons and affiliated specialities from the region.
We have the vision to give our public the most recent and complete pediatric surgical services this is by continuously educating our members through meetings and workshops, and encouraging research and international publications. We extend our aims to increase public awareness for the importance to use our services for their sick children and try to reach them especially the rural areas through convoys. We also hope to increase international interaction and cooperation to support our actions.
We are hoping to give a true and up to date image of our Pediatric Surgery centers, members and activities and we hope to see you sharing in one of them soon.

Ahmed Medhat Zaki